All The Pitches: Evan Gattis’ Home Runs Continue To Amaze

NORTH SHORE, PGH – On Wednesday, Houston Astros bearded wonder Evan Gattis hit his 15th home run of the season off Cleveland Indians’ starting pitcher Trevor Bauer.

The home run traveled 372 feet with an exit velocity of 99.5 mph. Not exactly #CRUSHED by any means, especially considering the trains at Minute Maid Park aren’t safe when Gattis is at bat. But take a look at where the pitch was located:

Evan Gattis Strike Zone

And here is the pitch in full view:

Gattis Home Run Swing

It’s as if Gattis is a Hoplite from Ancient Greece wielding a spear (or in this case a bat) and refusing to let anything pass by him.

“I heretofore declare nothing shall pass by my domain, no creature, no sphere, nothing shall enter unto this realm!”

Plus, Bauer’s reaction really says it all…

And finally, there is this:

Needless to say, Gattis is one of only a handful of MLB players powerful enough to hit a pitch like that for a home run. Moreover, his elite trigger to impact time (distance from the start of the swing until impact) also allows him to hit the high heat – a 94 mph pitch at chin height – for a home run.

Keep swinging Evan Gattis. We are all the better for it.