All You Need To Know About SwingTracker 3.0

NORTH SHORE, PGHOn Wednesday, we introduced you to the new and improved SwingTracker 3.0 app.

Complete with stunning new visuals, a completely new interface and much simpler navigation, SwingTracker 3.0’s improved data visualization, coupled with updated and simplified skill level comparisons furthers Diamond Kinetics’ revolutionary motion analysis and sensor-based technology.

Furthermore, additional 3D navigation allows for swing views from even more angles and perspectives, visually reinforcing feedback in order to give a better understanding of the swing plane/path.

In order to help facilitate your knowledge and understanding of the new changes, updates and improvements, we have a series of Tweets showing the differences between SwingTracker 2.0 and SwingTracker 3.0.

Plus, we also have a series of tutorial videos walking you through the new app, as well as two video previews of what ultimately became SwingTracker 3.0.