Bat Weight

baseball bat

They say hitting the ball is what keeps the game moving, though we think it’s deeper than that. With a quality swing tracker, one that does not just collect swing data and analytics, but rather helps individuals understand and use the data, you have the ability to perfect your swing, but maybe that’s not all you need. In today’s day and age, baseball swing technology is important, but it also makes us question, how much emphasis should we put on the bat itself?

Throughout history players have used both heavy and light weight bats. The king of batting himself, Babe Ruth, was known to have started with a 54 oz. bat and switched to a 40 oz. bat in 1927 when he hit 60 home runs. And while physicists have calculated that the optimum bat weight is actually between 15-18 oz., no hickory baseball bat will ever weigh that light. In fact, NCAA rules state that when it comes to bats the length in inches minus the weight cannot exceed three, which would mean a 15 oz. bat could be no bigger than 18 inches… a foot and a half.

When broken down to its simplest form, what makes the ball go far is Force. To get a bit more technical, the equation for Force is: Force=Mass*Acceleration. Because the mass (or in this case, the weight) of a bat is constant, the big factor here is Acceleration. Acceleration also has it’s own equation: Acceleration=(Velocity Final Speed – Velocity Initial Speed)/ Time. Not to go little league coach on you, but this, on top of many other factors, is a big reason why it’s so important to follow through on your swing. Anyway, what this ultimately means for a batter is that while it’s ideal to find that perfect baseball bat, it’s actually how fast you swing the bat that is the largest factor in how much force is behind your swing.

Unfortunately, buying the right bat alone won’t get you that perfect swing, the optimal size bat along with working on your swing technique will. What our swing technology does here at Diamond Kinetics is work with you to rapidly improve your swing technique. Once you find that perfect bat, our swing analysis helps players to better understand their individual needs. In turn, you end up with the optimal swing speed, which physics proves to be the key factor in how much force you pump into that ball. We’ve done the math and we’ve created the technology. Now it’s your turn play the game.