The Physics Behind The Results

PITTSBURGH(5 min. read) As part of their presentation “How Technology Unlocked My True Potential At The Plate” from the 2017 American Baseball Coaches Association Convention, Diamond Kinetics co-founder and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Buddy Clark, in conjunction with Master Hitting Instructor Dan Koosed of Pro Swing Rx in Anaheim, Calif., discussed how and why exit velocity and launch angle are so important, relative to hitting success.

In the clip above (Part 3 of our series), Dr. Clark tells us the physics behind the results and why physics dictate that certain launch angles allow for a certain amount of ball travel distance, relative to exit velocity.

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SwingTracker 3D Swing Compare

PITTSBURGH – Compare real swing video to a 3D rendering of the same swing with SwingTracker’s most recent app updates. Players & coaches can now compare video of a swing to its 3D counterpart in SwingTracker’s 3D Swing View.

Turn the phone horizontal to bring up the side by side compare view, from the “Compare Swings” section select a swing with the video icon (the indicator that the swing has a video present), and then press the camera button in the top right to bring up the video for the chosen swing.

Sync the video with key data points throughout the swing to get a better understanding and analysis of your swing.


Long Reed: Applying Ken Griffey Jr.’s Strengths to Buddy Reed’s Swing

PITTSBURGH – As the No. 16 overall projected draft pick in the upcoming MLB Draft, Florida Gator outfielder Buddy Reed has earned the reputation among scouts as one of the best all-around athletes in the class with the chance to be a dynamic performer on both sides of the ball.

But ultimately, the final line on Reed speaks loudest – “how much he hits will ultimately determine his stock.”

The two main critiques scouts have about Reed is that he lacks power and consistency from the left side of the plate. His bat needs the most work, while his setup and approach are inconsistent. Reed has strength, though his lack of extension from the left side could keep him from showing any power that way.

Today we will show you how Reed can gain that power and consistency by analyzing Griffey Jr.’s swing and applying those strengths to Reed’s own move.

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From The Ground Up: The Kinetic Chain in Nick Senzel’s Swing

PITTSBURGH – As the 2015 MVP of the Cape Cod League and preseason SEC Player of the Year, University of Tennessee third baseman Nick Senzel went from being a productive college hitter over the first two years of his career to a perennial Top 15 pick in the upcoming MLB Draft.

Described by some as the best pure hitter in the draft, Senzel has hit .353/.477/.594 over the course of 133 at-bats this season with five home runs, 46 runs, 47 RBI, 15 stolen bases and a more than 2:1 BB/K ratio.

At 6’1, 205 lbs. Senzel is very stocky with broad shoulders and a strong barrel chest. But it’s the sequence of his swing that creates efficient energy – i.e. power – that allows him to take advantage of his strength.


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