The Chain of The Baseball Swing

swing chain


PITTSBURGH – Building the mechanics of a great baseball swing can take years. The best hitters today have fantastic control over their swing. They may not be the strongest players but they know how to harness the power they do have and use every bit of it in a swing. To truly understand a swing, it helps to break it down into different parts.

Think of the baseball swing as a chain of events. Power is built at your body’s foundation and it’s transferred to other part of the body before eventually reaching the baseball bat. Each part of your body plays an important role in the transfer of energy.

Legs. This is where the power is generated. The back leg loads up all of the energy while the front leg opens up the hips to transfer the kinetic motion.

Hips. The hips connect two important power sources: the legs and torso. It’s important to regularly stretch hip flexors which can help increase the body’s torque. As the hips start to turn it pulls on the torso and begins the core’s rotation.

Torso. A strong core determines how much energy can be transferred from the legs to the arms. Players who aren’t hitting the ball too well often neglect their core when analyzing their swing. The torso pulls on the shoulders which start the motion of the arms and bat.

Arms. The arms ride the rotation of the torso while also generating power from the shoulders. This acceleration process is quickly transferred down through the forearms to the wrists and hands.

Hands. All of the energy the body has created is now in the hands of the batter. Literally. The wrists and hands quickly pull the bat through the strike zone and when contact is made with the ball, all of that energy is transferred.