Checking In On SwingTracker Giveaway Winner Michael Valencia


In March we introduced you to Michael Valencia, winner of the “SportTechie SwingTracker Giveaway”.

Michael currently serves as a coach and instructor in the Dominican Republic for two youth baseball teams, consisting of 30 players each, ages 8-12 and 13 & above.

He also serves as coach and instructor of two softball teams, one female team of 18 players, ages 11 & above, and a male team of 15 players, ages 18 & above. As a whole, he is responsible for nearly 100 youth baseball players in his community.

We are happy to report that since we last talked to Michael, he and his players have been using SwingTracker on a consistent, daily basis and have been getting incredible results from it.

Let’s hear it from Michael himself…

My kids have been going CRAZY for SwingTracker. We have had multiple sessions with the sensor for my younger and older baseball teams, as well as the female softball team, AND THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I see more of a commitment to batting improvements and when you get to compare ratings against your peers it always adds a competitive edge.”

Check out the images below of Michael’s players as well as a batting practice video with SwingTracker.

Happy Swinging to Michael and his players!

Michael Valencia1

(Players from Michael Valencia’s Dominican Youth Baseball Team)


(Players from Michael Valencia’s Dominican Youth Softball Team)


(Batting Practice with SwingTracker)