Choosing a Youth Bat

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A fluent and strong baseball swing is important. And like all skills, a fluent and strong swing takes practice and time. That’s why teaching your child to swing a bat in a way that enhances his or her swing performance from a young age is important. However, as a swing technology company, we here at Diamond Kinetics also know that there are a few other factors that can help one’s baseball swing that have more to do with choosing the actual bat.

Tips For Choosing A Youth Bat

1. Lightweight. Lightweight performance alloy bats are great for beginner baseball and softball players because they help to increase the size of the “sweet spot”. It’s important to teach a beginner batter to hit close to the “sweet spot,” and this will help.;

2. Speed. As discussed in a previous blog, speed and mass are the formula for a powerful swing. Using a lightweight bat will help increase bat speed for younger children, which at this age is perfect for a strong swing.

3. 20 Second Test. Have your child hold their bat out for 20 second. Are they having difficulty? Is their arm shaking? If so, the bat you’re choosing is probably too heavy and large for your child.

4. Holding. Where is your child holding their bat? Are they sliding their hands up from the knob to gain more control over their swing? If so, their bat is probably too large. Try the next inch size down.

When it comes to a strong and fluent baseball swing, it’s necessary to start your child swinging in the right direction when they’re young. With a few of our tips, there is no doubt that your child will be off to a great start. And when it comes time train with swing performance technology, think Diamond Kinetics. Here at Diamond Kinetics, we strive to enhance a player’s swing performance through our baseball swing analyzer, which doesn’t just collect the metrics and data, but also makes it easy for anyone to understand them.