Correlating Trigger To Impact with Max Hand Speed & Max Barrel Speed


NORTH SHORE, PGH – Last week we looked at Trigger To Impact time and what that means. The week before that we looked at Max Barrel Speed and Max Hand Speed.

Today we’ll take a look at how all three metrics tie together and understand how Trigger To Impact correlates with Max Barrel Speed and Max Hand Speed and how that affects the swing and the results of the swing.

In the graph above, we can see that Trigger To Impact time was 181 milliseconds, Max Hand Speed was 18.7 miles per hour, while Max Barrel Speed was 59.7 miles per hour.

Ultimately, what do these numbers mean?

Let’s explain…

As we learned last Wednesday, the mean Trigger To Impact time for Major League baseball players is between 140 and 180 milliseconds. With that in mind, we can see that the swing above was very close to the professional level in terms of Trigger To Impact time.

However, in terms of Max Barrel Speed, this swing was not anywhere close to the professional level.

Max Barrel Speed Data

As this chart shows us, the average Max Barrel Speed at the professional level is between 85 and 95 miles per hour. The swing above was calculated with a Max Barrel Speed of 59.7 miles per hour, which would place it in the elite range for 13-14 year olds. Moreover, an 18 mile per hour Max Hand Speed falls well short of the 25 to 35 mile per hour Max Hand Speed range reached by MLB players.

So with this information, we can see a quick Trigger To Impact time¬†doesn’t necessarily correlate to a high barrel speed or hand speed. Having ‘quick hands’ is certainly a good thing, make no mistake there. But being able to get the bat on the ball very quickly does not always equate to a high barrel speed.

Let’s contrast the swing above, with another swing to illustrate this point.

The screen shot images below from a different swing session show a Trigger To Impact of 186 milliseconds, a Max Barrel Speed of 72 miles per hour and a Max Hand Speed of 20 miles per hour. While the Trigger To Impact Time is slower, both Max Hand Speed and Max Barrel Speed are higher.

Max Barrel Speed:Max Hand Speed Data

(Max Barrel Speed = 72, Max Hand Speed = 20)

Trigger To Impact Data

(Trigger To Impact = 186 milliseconds)

With this swing information, contrasted with the swing information at the top of this post, we can now confidently state that a quicker Trigger To Impact doesn’t always translate to a higher Max Barrel Speed or Max Hand Speed.