Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker Tutorial

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PITTSBURGH – With Version 2.2.0 of the SwingTracker app now out, let’s take a deeper look at what the numbers mean and how you can use them to better your swing.

The swing taken in the above photo fell under the “Collegiate” skill level setting. This is important to note because it gives keen insight as to where one sits, relative to the database of swings Diamond Kinetics has collected at this skill level.

Notice how this swing has an overall Speed score of 5.8.

This means the person taking this swing scored right around average for his skill level.

Now take a look at his raw data.

His Max Hand Speed was 20 mph and his Max Barrel Speed was 72 mph.

This is an indicator that those numbers are around the average baseline for Collegiate players who have used SwingTracker.

This player now realizes that in order to get to the upper-level of his peer group, he must improve those numbers. But at least he also knows that he currently sits in the middle of his peer group, as opposed to the bottom.

Moreover, it’s also interesting to pair up the numbers using the 3D rendering SwingTracker has to offer.

SwingTracker 2

When looking at the 3D swing from above, we can see where Max Hand Speed occurred – in this case right where one would expect; very early in the swing before natural wrist movement occurred, therefore naturally slowing the hands as barrel speed increases.

When Max Hand Speed occurred, his Barrel Speed was 48 mph.

However, as we can see below, when a Max Barrel Speed of 72 mph occurred at impact – the ideal place for MBS to occur – this player’s Hand Speed was 16 mph.

SwingTracker 3

Taking screen shots and comparing the data side-by-side in this manner (as we see in the photo collage at the very top of the page), is one of the best ways to analyze your swing. It allows you to see all the data at once, plus you can see exactly where certain ‘moments’, if you will, occurred during the swing.

Seeing that your Max Hand Speed is 20 mph and your Max Barrel Speed is 72 mph is very useful. However, seeing exactly where each occurred is even more important relative to one’s overall development and improvement toward becoming a better player.