Exit Velocity + Distance of All Eight Baltimore Home Runs Versus The Phillies

Manny Machado (1st Inning)
Distance: 409 ft.
Exit Velocity: 109.6 mph
Apex: 85 ft.

The Baltimore Orioles set a team record last night with eight home runs versus the Philadelphia Phillies in their 19-3 win. Six different Orioles hit home runs (Manny Machado, Jimmy Paredes, Chris Parmalee, David Lough, Chris Davis, Ryan Flaherty) as Baltimore became the first team to hit eight or more home runs in a game since the Boston Red Sox accomplished the feat versus the Detroit Tigers on Sept. 4, 2013.

As we know, home runs come in all shapes and sizes.

Of the eight home runs, the longest traveled 437 feet (Parmalee’s 2nd inning blast), while the shortest was 371 feet (oddly enough by Chris Davis, the Orioles de facto power hitter who clubbed 53 home runs in 2013). Each home run had an exit velocity of at least 100.7 mph, but no more than 109.6 mph.

Camden Yards is know as a hitter’s park and that held true last night as only three of the eight home runs were considered ‘no doubters’ by the ESPN Home Run Tracker.

Machado’s first inning home run, as well as Parmalee’s second inning home run, Lough’s third inning blast and Flaherty’s eighth inning round tripper would have been home runs in all 30 MLB parks.

However, Macado’s second home run, along with Paredes’ home run would have been HR’s in just 12 MLB parks. Davis’ solo blast would have been good in 28 other parks, while Parmalee’s second HR of the night in the sixth inning would have been a home run in 24 other MLB stadiums.

We’ve already seen Machado’s first home run. Here are the rest.

Manny Machado (2nd Inning)
Distance: 409 ft.
Exit Velocity: 105.7 mph
Apex: 68 ft.

Jimmy Paredes (2nd Inning)
Distance: 381 ft.
Exit Velocity: 107 mph
Apex: 55 ft.

Chris Parmalee (2nd Inning)
Distance: 437 ft.
Exit Velocity: 109.3 mph
Apex: 77 ft.

David Lough (3rd Inning)
Distance: 385 ft.
Exit Velocity: 100.9 mph
Apex: 87 ft.

Chris Davis (4th Inning)
Distance: 371 ft.
Exit Velocity: 102 mph
Apex: 140 ft.

Chris Parmalee (6th Inning)
Distance: 376 ft.
Exit Velocity: 100.7
Apex: 75 ft.

Ryan Flaherty (8th Inning)
Distance: 432 ft.
Exit Velocity: 105.6 mph
Apex: 96 ft.