Joc Pederson or Joey Gallo? Which Young, Lefty Slugger Do You Want On Your Team

Joc Pederson

Two of the most highly-touted prospects of recent memory, 23-year old Joc Pederson of the L.A. Dodgers and 21-year old Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers, have been setting the baseball world ablaze this week with a non-stop barrage of home runs that have people buying upper deck seats just to increase their chances of catching a home run ball from these two lefty sluggers.

Joey Gallo

With Pederson homering in five straight games and Gallo homering in his first two games and coming a triple short of the cycle in his debut, these two are living up to the huge expectations bestowed upon them as top MLB prospects.

We know it’s early, but who would you rather have on your team? Forget which position Pederson and Gallo play, and how good their defensive merits are for a moment, and judge them purely from the perspective of who would you least like to come up to bat against your team. Or if you are a pitcher, who you would least like to face from 60’6″ away.