Max Barrel Speed & Max Hand Speed Explained

Max Barrel Speed ScreenshotMax Hand Speed Screenshot

PITTSBURGH  Speed is a very important part of the game. Particularly in hitting. It is a crucial factor in creating ball exit speed which correlates with how far the ball might travel if it doesn’t come in contact with another object (including a fielder’s glove).  SwingTracker calculates four specific Speed metrics that are then combined into your overall Speed score. Today we will look at two of those, Max Barrel Speed and Max Hand Speed.

In taking a look at the chart below, we see barrel speed reaches its peak almost at the moment of impact. Hand speed reaches its peak during the ‘translational stage’ (or as it could also be called, the ‘down swing’).

Max Hand Speed/Max Barrel Speed Chart

When the swing gets into the rotational or ‘translational’ stage, hand speed drops quickly. Generally speaking, the peak of hand speed and barrel speed will not happen at the same time.

The two 3D illustrations below, with the corresponding swing scores perfectly illustrate this point.

As we can see, Max Hand Speed is 20 mph and Max Barrel Speed is 72 mph…

SwingTracker 4

Now, let’s look at where these numbers occurred within the 3D swing illustrations:

When Max Hand Speed has reached its peak of 20 mph, barrel speed is 48 mph.

SwingTracker 2

Conversely, when Max Barrel Speed has reached its peak at 72 mph, the hand speed is 16 mph.

SwingTracker 3

It’s worth pointing out, that these calculations are happening within milliseconds of each other. One doesn’t necessarily feel their hands slowing down as they are nearing impact, even though they are due to the rotation of the hands during the swing.

Ultimately, the speed the hands are traveling at the outset of the swing determine in part, the speed of the barrel of the bat and Trigger to Impact time. Thus, in order to maximize one’s Max Barrel Speed, and shorten Trigger To Impact Time, it is necessary to maximize Max Hand Speed.

For a further look into Max Barrel Speed and Max Hand Speed, take a look at these graphics herehere and here.