SwingTracker Metrics: Max Barrel Speed

Max Barrel Speed

NORTH SHORE, PGH –¬†Today we look at Max Barrel Speed, one of the four metrics that make up the Speed component of SwingTracker.

We define Max Barrel Speed as the maximum speed of the bat’s barrel during your swing (mph). Bat speed is directly related to ball exit speed. Bat speed alone doesn’t solely determine how far the ball travels, but it is one of several important factors.

In terms of the baseball swing, Max Barrel Speed is important relative to generating both power and full acceleration as the bat enters the hitting zone (the path of the ball toward the hitter from the pitcher).

One of the characteristics that makes SwingTracker so unique is its ability to measure this action. This part of the baseball swing occurs so quickly that that without a high-definition, slow-motion, close analysis of this specific part of the swing, it is impossible for the naked eye to calculate exactly how fast the barrel of the bat is moving from start to finish (and more importantly, in the hitting zone).

SwingTracker calculates Max Barrel Speed (in addition to Forward Bat Speed and Max Hand Speed and Speed Efficiency) and measures it into one unique Speed measurement. The sensor captures 11,000 data points per second in order to calculate these exact measurements.

With SwingTracker, the player can key in on improving one very specific part of the swing in order to achieve greater swing efficiency and production.

We will continue our discussion of the Speed metrics by focusing next on Max Hand Speed.