SwingTracker 3.0 Video Tutorials

NORTH SHORE, PGH – As part of furthering and enhancing Diamond Kinetics’ revolutionary motion analysis and sensor-based technology, the new SwingTracker 3.0 app was officially released yesterday.

The new SwingTracker 3.0 app builds upon Diamond Kinetics’ core technological principles which have been helping baseball and softball players improve their swing performance and understand the major components of the swing like never before.

Below are a series of SwingTracker 3.0 tutorial videos which will enchance the user experience even more as one dives further into the new app.

SwingTracker 3.0: How To Start A Session

SwingTracker 3.0: How To Sign Up

SwingTracker 3.0: How To Calibrate Your Bat

SwingTracker 3.0: How To Connect