SwingTracker Goes ‘Beyond The Box Score’

On Tuesday, Bryan Cole of the SB Nation Blog Beyond The Box Score wrote an in-depth piece on #SwingTracker.

Some highlights below…

1) “On board the mobile device, a physics engine in the Diamond Kinetics app computes metrics that describe the swing. The raw data are uploaded to a cloud server for storage and web access, allowing coaches and players to break down swings in more detail..”

2) “The app tracks eleven metrics across four broad categories – bat and hand speed; quickness, or time to impact; power, or momentum generated; and control of the bat during the swing. A graphical summary lets users compare their swing to those players at a similar skill level at a glance across all four categories.”

3) “SwingTracker gives its users far more data than other currently available apps…”

4) “The primary reason for Diamond Kinetics is to roll up fairly complicated metrics into something intuitive to every player,” chief commercial officer Jeff Schuldt said.

5) Schuldt said Diamond Kinetics differentiates itself by its focus on baseball and softball. “We’re an inch wide and a mile deep, but that’s the same approach our players and coaches take,” he said.

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