SwingTracker Version 3.0.2

ST 3.0.2 (1)

NORTH SHORE, PGH – Version 3.0.2 of the SwingTracker mobile app was released yesterday, bringing with it even more new and exciting changes that complement the already stunning new visuals, interface and simpler navigation, introduced by SwingTracker 3.0.

Version 3.0.2 features new enhancements to the 3D View, including speed metric line charts that show you how your bat speed and hand speed changes during the swing.

ST 3.0.2 (2)

The green line represents bat speed, while the brown line represents hand speed with the horizontal line + the red dot indicating where impact occurred. These visuals give each SwingTracker user more data in order to better see and understand the science behind the swing.

ST 3.0.2 (3)

With improved data visualization along with updated and simplified skill level comparisons, SwingTracker Version 3.0.2 furthers the revolutionary motion analysis and sensor-based technology of Diamond Kinetics.