Top 5 Lowest Home Run Launch Angles in MLB

PITTSBURGH – Last night Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier hit his first home run post All-Star Break, since winning the Home Run Derby on July 13.

Frazier’s 26th blast of the season traveled 408.2 feet after leaving the bat at 112.8 mph. As you you can see, it deposited itself ever so slightly to the right of the centerfield wall after taking less than four seconds to reach its destination.

Moreover, you can also see this wasn’t, as the announcer’s allude to in the clip, a ‘tape measure’ shot by any means.

According to the ESPN Home Run Tracker, Frazier’s home run had the third-lowest launch angle of any home run this year.

Take a look at the StatCast video to see again just how little the ball gets off the ground before landing over the centerfield fence.

While Frazier’s home run was certainly of the unique variety, it wasn’t the only home run that fell below a 20° launch angle.

According to the ESPN Home Run Tracker, Howard’s 421-foot blast to centerfield on April 25 versus the Atlanta Braves had a launch angle of 17.3 degrees, the second-lowest angle of any home run this year.

The third-lowest launch angle? Justin Upton’s two-run, 424-foot shot, also to centerfield, versus the Chicago Cubs on May 20. This home run had a launch angle of 17.7 degrees.

And finally, take a look at this home run by Andrew McCutchen off Julio Teheran in a June 6th game versus Atlanta. It left the bat at an angle of 18.1 degrees, registering the fourth-lowest launch angle of a home run in MLB this year.