Top 96 and Diamond Kinetics Partner to Integrate Sensor Analysis and Training

Diamond KineticsUA Top96 logo100 nodatePITTSBURGH – Top 96, a premier operator of college prospect baseball camps, and sports technology leader Diamond Kinetics announced today an exclusive partnership that will integrate Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker™ sensor-based swing analysis system into Top 96 camps. The comprehensive swing statistics provided by SwingTracker will blend with Top 96’s experienced one-on-one instruction, taking each player’s swing to the next level in preparation for college play.

SwingTracker, a sensor and accompanying mobile and web tools, provides quantitative analysis and mechanics diagnostics for performance improvement in baseball or softball. Measuring each swing in 15 different ways, including key aspects, such as power, max hand speed and distance the bat travels in the hitting zone, it is the most comprehensive swing measurement tool available. SwingTracker is also the only device of its kind to allow users to sync video of swings with key data points throughout the swing. Top 96, powered by Under Armour, runs 70+ prospect camps each year with current college coaches as instructors to improve play for high school and junior college baseball players.

“Quick and easy real-time access to swing analysis for metrics like Max Barrel Speed, Impact Momentum and Distance in Zone improves what our coaches can do to support players” said Dave Callum, CEO of Top 96.

Diamond Kinetics CEO C.J. Handron continues, “Top 96 coaching and the SwingTracker system bring great value to coaches and players. Integrating our in-depth and objective swing motion data within the Top 96 platform can help a player get noticed by colleges.”

ABOUT Top 96: The Top 96 was specifically created and designed by three people who were very involved in baseball and had their own sons play college baseball. We were overwhelmed by many poor experiences with, showcases and tournaments and thought there must be a better way. With the help and guidance of Joe Walsh, Harvard Baseball, Top 96 set out to try to resolve all these issues and give parents and their sons an opportunity to work with and learn from current college coaches. Our goal was to address all of the issues we found when we brought our sons around to these types of events.

We run over 70+ prospect camps each year and hire 1000+ current college coaches as instructors. Over the last 20 years we have helped thousands and thousands of players improve their skills and many of them have gone on to play at all levels of college baseball.

ABOUT DIAMOND KINETICS: Founded in 2013, Diamond Kinetics is a Pittsburgh-based company focused on bringing sensor driven motion data and analytics to players of all ages and skill levels, and their coaches, in baseball and softball.

Building upon intellectual property developed at both the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh, the company has combined engineering talent, innovation and a fanatical passion for the sports to create the most cutting edge motion analysis and skill improvement tools available.