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PITTSBURGH – With stunning new visuals, a completely new interface and much simpler navigation, Diamond Kinetics’ new SwingTracker 3.0 app furthers the company’s revolutionary motion analysis and sensor-based technology, helping baseball and softball players improve their swing performance and understand the major components of the swing like never before.

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New data visualization coupled with updated and simplified skill level comparisons are more of the improvements you will find in the new SwingTracker 3.0 app. View metrics using graphs and charts to better understand the complex dynamics of the swing.

Benchmark each swing metric against nine national skill level databases and track progress over time. See how your swing data compares to other players of different skill levels.

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Additional 3D navigation allows for swing views from even more angles and perspectives to visually reinforce feedback and have a better understanding of the swing plane/path.

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Connect with players and coaches through connections and groups for easy training and remote monitoring.

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Learn more by visiting our YouTube page with newly updated SwingTracker 3.0 tutorials on bat calibration, connections and swing sessions.

“The biggest change, that’s had the biggest impact on what we do at K-Zone Academy, is technology. The ability to access data and information is something we couldn’t do in the past. Diamond Kinetics and SwingTracker are the perfect example of having a tool that is able to capture all that data.” – Dan Kopitzke, K-Zone Academy 


Founded in 2013, Diamond Kinetics is a Pittsburgh-based company focused on bringing motion data and analytics to baseball players and softball players of all ages and skill levels, as well as their coaches and trainers.  

Building upon intellectual property developed at both the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh, we’ve combined engineering talent, innovation and a fanatical passion for the sports to create the most cutting edge motion analysis and skill improvement tools available.