BatFitter Wins “Best Of Show” at ABCA Convention


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – For a second consecutive year, Diamond Kinetics has been recognized by the American Baseball Coaches Association and Collegiate Baseball newspaper as a “Best of Show” recipient.

BatFitter, the revolutionary new product from DeMarini, powered by Diamond Kinetics, was named one of the top new products at the recent ABCA Convention in Nashville as chosen by a panel of judges from Collegiate Baseball from over 62 nominations.

Using the same motion analysis technology as Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker, BatFitter is a one-of-a-kind system designed to quickly and empirically compare a number of DeMarini bats by analyzing a user’s unique swing using DK’s SwingTracker.

BatFitter has two components – a sensor developed by Diamond Kinetics and an iPad app that are connected through Bluetooth.  To start, the lightweight sensor is placed on the knob of a bat that is used for 10 calibration swings.  These swings are used as a warm-up and to establish a baseline that the following swings will be measured against.

Next, the hitter chooses three DeMarini BBCOR bats and takes seven swings with each, moving the sensor from bat to bat accordingly.  The sensor takes that data and provides actionable feedback on how the hitter can improve their swing.

Each bat is scored out of 30 using Diamond Kinetics’ swing metrics to provide power, hitting, and contact scores to determine which bat is engineered best for the user.  The video game-esque interface of the app displays a score summary as well as a host of other data in a convenient and easy to understand way.




Diamond Kinetics is no stranger to success at the ABCA Convention. The company took home its first “Best of Show” award among 61 participants for SwingTracker at last year’s convention in Orlando, Fla.


In December of 2015, Diamond Kinetics became the Official Motion Technology Partner of the American Baseball Coaches Association.

The partnership includes the new ABCA/Diamond Kinetics Technology Awards & Scholarships, which will each be presented to a college, high school and travel level team or training facility beginning with the 2017 ABCA Convention in Anaheim. The technology awards will recognize teams at each of those levels which have demonstrated superior levels of technology adoption and integration.

The awards include a $1000 check and a $2000 credit towards Diamond Kinetics products and services. The scholarships will recognize teams at all three levels which demonstrate a desire along with a need to adopt technology into their programs. The scholarships include a $2000 credit toward Diamond Kinetics products and services along with six hours of consulting time with Diamond Kinetics staff.

Diamond Kinetics will also be hosting an annual “Motion Capture Technology Session” during the clinics at the ABCA Convention as the company continues to be at the forefront of baseball advancement and technology.