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Why Scouts Should Not Be Scared of Kyle Lewis’ Swing

PITTSBURGH – After hitting .367/.423/.677 with 17 home runs, 56 RBI and 49 runs scored in 226 at-bats in his first full season as a starter – and .300/.344/.500 with a .200 ISO in 150 plate appearances over the summer in the Cape Cod League – Mercer University centerfielder Kyle Lewis went from from being a…

SwingTracker Metrics: Hand Cast Distance with Coach Jeff Leach

SAN ANTONIO – 2014 and 2015 DBAT Sports National Instructor of the Year nominee, Coach Jeff Leach walks us through the SwingTracker metric ‘Hand Cast Distance’ and tells us know how it can affect the swing. Coach Leach also shows us how to eliminate excess hand cast from the swing with a little help from SwingTracker’s…

Dr. Clark Says: “The Engine In Hitting”

PITTSBURGH – Diamond Kinetics co-founder and University of Pittsburgh Mechanical Engineering Professor, Dr. Buddy Clark discusses the ‘engine’ in hitting and why car acceleration and bat acceleration are analogous.

SwingTracker: Baseball Sensor Technology & Training

PITTSBURGH – Make your training sessions more effective & impactful with instant data & swing analysis via SwingTracker from Diamond Kinetics. Take a look at the videos below to see how quickly and effectively this powerful technology works.

SwingTracker Swing Component Analysis: POWER

PITTSBURGH – A batter’s swing takes, on average, two-tenths of a second. If you’re a Major League player, it takes even less. Enter SwingTracker. The wireless sensor that attaches to the end of a bat is able to give you an abundant array of information that you can use, analyze and interpret relative to your swing.…

SwingTracker Mobile App: Connections & Groups

PITTSBURGH – When it comes to connections and groups, the DiamondCLUB is the ultimate resource in order for you to best connect to other SwingTracker users and form your groups. But there is a home for both connections and groups within the SwingTracker mobile app as well. The video above gives you a visualization of…

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