Letter From The CEO: C.J. Handron

Diamond Kinetics CEO and co-founder C.J. Handron takes a look back at what happened in the world of DK in 2018. Plus, a look forward to what’s to come for the company in 2019.



PITTSBURGH – January is known as a ‘season of resolutions’ when people promise to eat less and exercise more with varying degrees of success.

At Diamond Kinetics, we are coming off a fantastic 2018 and one month into, what we anticipate will be, an even better 2019.  We look at this time of year as a season of RESOLUTION, when we lean-into our purpose and sharpen our determination as a company.

As we head into our 6th official year as a company, we have grown from two guys with a couple of bats, balls, gloves and an idea, into a group of more than 20 based out of Pittsburgh, as well as New Jersey, North Carolina, Illinois, California and Georgia.

This past calendar year we made great strides and improvements from top to bottom – creating new products, improving our family of apps, adding new partners, growing our talented team – and are set to continue (and hopefully surpass) that in 2019.

We started by refining and enhancing our cutting-edge SwingTracker bat sensor and mobile app, making both more robust, smarter, dynamic and interactive.

We managed to launch not one, but two, first-of-their-kind PitchTracker Smart Balls – one for baseball and one for softball – that have already revolutionized the way players and coaches can learn, train and understand the pitching motion.

Moreover, we continued to grow our partner relationship with Perfect Game, while adding and expanding further with new partnerships, including Ripken Baseball, PONY, Athletx Sports Group, Babe Ruth League, Program 15 and Axon Sports.

Working with a wide range of bat manufacturers we expanded the availability of ‘Smart’ wood bats from one brand at the beginning of the year, to ten by the end of 2018.  

This supports both the expanding use of SwingTracker bat sensors in-game within Minor League Baseball and a growing number of amateur baseball regulating bodies including Perfect Game, PONY, Babe Ruth League and others.  

We look forward to further expansion of in-game usage in 2019 and continuing to expand the availability of ‘Smart’ bats for players at all levels.

Early adopters of our tech continue to carve a unique path, while more and more baseball and softball coaches embedded our systems into their programs at all levels of their sport, including a rapidly expanding number of Collegiate programs from NCAA D1 through Junior College.

We spent a large part of 2018 listening to – and learning from – their feedback in order to continue to grow and develop our products, and make the user experience as seamless as can be.

We have added new features and functionality to our apps while streamlining the interface.  SwingTracker Version 4.1, launching last week on the iTunes app store, demonstrates our ongoing commitment to a more user-friendly experience.

Furthermore, there are big, exciting things ahead for both our SwingTracker and PitchTracker technologies, with groundbreaking innovations on the horizon for both products.


Diamond Kinetics ended 2018 with an exceptional holiday sales season, indicating the consumer mass-market is just beginning to reach the tipping point and starting to adopt our tech.

We launched online and in 400+ Dicks Sporting Goods stores. We invested in our eCommerce channels, including Amazon, with great results. We are starting to see massive upside on the consumer side of our business.

Looking ahead to 2019, we will continue our collaboration with more than a dozen major league franchises, helping to evolve the game through data driven analytics.

We are working with them to – literally –  invent new metrics that deepen evaluation and pinpoint areas for performance improvement.

We also expect to see new and expanded relationships and partnerships at the highest levels of baseball and softball, with the most respected organizations involved in player development, scouting, and recruitment in their respective game today.

You will see our SwingTracker and PitchTracker products embedded in player evaluation processes and our data used as quantifiable highlights in player profiles. The ‘new normal’ for scouting if you will.

Our goal is to be the benchmark for swing and pitching analysis.

With the help of these key partnerships, we are on our way.  


In 2019 and beyond, we will continue to investigate and discover new uses for our SwingTracker technology, geared towards even more mass market appeal. These innovations will be rooted in the word “fun”.

We believe “fun” strongly correlates to keeping kids engaged in the game at younger levels – something that is good for players, their parents, coaches and all of us who have dedicated ourselves to the growth of the game.

We have exciting projects in the pipeline that can deepen our value proposition for players, parents, and coaches at all levels of the game.

Success and growth at Diamond Kinetics is happening for a reason – an innovation mindset. We continue to innovate on top of the tech foundation we’ve built, and will continue working hard on that in 2019 based on what we keep learning from all our customers and partners.

Diamond Kinetics’ systems, feature-set, user-interface, and analytics are built using the right mix of cutting-edge thinking and best practice. We will continue to innovate and launch the best products we can into the market.

Heading full-steam into 2019, we expect to see the growth of Diamond Kinetics continue. New and improved technology along with new and expanded partnerships will help us solidify our position as the trusted and innovative leader in the sports of baseball and softball.

We have exciting announcements coming soon and a lot of great things already underway.    

At Diamond Kinetics, our season of resolution isn’t something that fades during the month of January.

It will last all year.

We look forward to seeing what the rest of 2019 brings.