Columbia Prodigy Partners With Diamond Kinetics

PITTSBURGH – Diamond Kinetics is very pleased to welcome Columbia Prodigy to its ever-expanding group of partner programs.

Established in 2016 from the Kansas City Prodigy Academy, Columbia Prodigy is an up-and-coming program designed for player development.

Beginning as young as 9U, Columbia Prodigy focuses on mechanics, fundamentals, and the importance of how fun the game of baseball is. As players get older and reach 12U-14U, helping them make the high school program is the organization’s top priority. At this critical juncture, the focus then shifts to development and furthering the skills the player has already acquired.

“Thanks to Diamond Kinetics, we will be able to enhance the development of all players in the program,” said Ehrich Chick, owner of Columbia Prodigy. “We will be able to understand more about each player’s swing, as well as show them the type of work ethic coaches are looking for.  We are excited to be a part of the Diamond Kinetics family and can’t wait to put the tools to the test!”

During each swing, SwingTracker captures over 10,000 data points per second while bringing data and motion analytics to players of all ages and skill levels. The SwingTracker sensor provides instant insight and actionable feedback across 11 different swing metrics, within the four major components of the swing – Speed, Power, Quickness, and Control.

SwingTracker also provides instant 3D swing animation, 3D swing compare and customized 3D batting drills. SwingTracker’s unique technology allows players and coaches to combine 3D, video, and data sync to pinpoint exactly what the bat is doing during each part of the swing.

Diamond Kinetics has taken special care to ensure the SwingTracker swing system is engineered to help coaches and trainers maximize effectiveness with each of their players that fits directly in-line with Columbia Prodigy’s mantra of getting committed baseball players to the next level.