Diamond Kinetics at the 2013 MLB Winter Meetings

Each year, early in December, the professional baseball world convenes for its off season meetings.  As the official ‘hot stove’ event of the professional baseball year, the Winter Meetings become a melting pot of team executives, players, agents, media and beyond.  In more recent years (the winter meetings unofficially date back as far as 1876), the addition of a business trade show and career fair have added to the melting pot environment.

This week, I had an opportunity to represent Diamond Kinetics at the Winter Meetings as we continue to drive towards our goal of engineering better players through motion technology.  Our swing analysis and motion technology is applicable at every level of the game, and we had numerous opportunities this week to demonstrate and discuss how it can be used by professional organizations.

2013 MLB Winter Meetings
2013 MLB Winter Meetings

Beyond being a great opportunity to show and discuss our technology at the highest level of the game, as a fan of baseball, spending a couple of days at the Winter Meetings was a tremendous experience.   There is a general buzz around the entire event, certainly fueled by the near round the clock live coverage from the lobby of the hotel by the MLB Network and ESPN.  It’s rare in this day in age to see the convergence of live media, high profile players/coaches, businesses trying to make a living selling to MLB organizations, and hundreds of student job seekers in the same place at the same time.  It’s even more rare, however, for that to happen in the lobby of a hotel, around the clock, and accessible to any who wander in.   It was clear there were a number of pleasantly surprised baseball fans who were hotel guests for a trip to Disney and quickly found out they also got to be in the center of the baseball world as part of their vacation.

We are a company passionate about data, science, and the ability to unlock powerful information enabling the improvement of every player in baseball and softball.  That being said, we are also unbelievably passionate about the games themselves, and opportunities to be part of events, like the Winter Meetings, bring these passions together perfectly.  Hats off to Major League Baseball and the Winter Meetings organizers for a unique event that keeps the spotlight on the game even as the snow comes down in many places.


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