Diamond Kinetics To Support Youth Initiatives During 2022 MLB All-Star Week

Diamond Kinetics (DK) is thrilled to be part of 2022 Major League Baseball All-Star Week, one of the biggest events of the 2022 MLB season. As a strategic partner, recognized as the “Trusted Youth Development Platform of Major League Baseball”, Diamond Kinetics will be truly integrated into MLB’s youth initiatives surrounding the All-Star Game, enhancing these activities through the use of technology and digital experiences. 

Diamond Kinetics will be a key part of All-Star Week events including MLB Play Ball Park, the Commissioner’s Cup, Jennie Finch Classic, High School All-American Game, High School Home Run Derby, and more. 

Leveraging DK’s proven performance measurement and data analysis technology will allow MLB to gain valuable insight into some of the nation’s top youth baseball and softball players and programs in attendance at All-Star Week. Even more exciting is how Diamond Kinetics is beginning to add a “gamification layer” known as “DK 2.0” on top of its performance metrics, to make swinging and throwing even more fun. Several new experiences will be beta-tested live with the public during All-Star Week. 

Here’s a list of all the places you can find Diamond Kinetics in Los Angeles this week:   

MLB Capital One Play Ball Park (July 16-19)

Diamond Kinetics will be an exciting part of MLB’s Play Ball Park, the world’s biggest and most playable baseball festival. DK will have batting cages set up at Play Ball Park where kids can swing with the DK SwingTracker, measure their metrics, and test brand new games in the DK app that feature MLB content. In addition, Diamond Kinetics will be asking, “Think you swing like a Big Leaguer?” and will then compare a kid’s swing with 2022 MLB All-Stars, outlining which All-Star swing is the closest match. 

LINK: https://www.mlb.com/all-star/play-ball-park


All-Star Commissioner’s Cup (July 15-18)

Diamond Kinetics will be collecting BP and in-game swing data from all hitters participating in the 2022 All-Star Commissioner’s Cup. The 2022 All-Star Commissioner’s Cup is a competitive tournament featuring ten teams of youth players from MLB Youth Academies from across the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Jennie Finch Classic (July 14-19)

Diamond Kinetics technology will be meaningfully integrated into the 2022 All-Star Jennie Finch Classic. Named after the Olympic Gold Medalist and MLB Youth Softball Ambassador, the 2022 All-Star Jennie Finch Classic is a competitive youth softball tournament featuring ten teams of 14-17 year-old players from MLB Youth Academies and Finch’s Aces. DK will be collecting batting practice and in-game swing data from hitters throughout the tournament. 

MLB High School All-American Game & High School Home Run Derby (July 15-18)

Diamond Kinetics will be collecting key swing data from the best high school hitters in the country at the 2022 MLB High School All-American Game and High School Home Run Derby. The All-American players will use the DK SwingTracker during pregame batting practice, in-game, and during the High School Home Run Derby. The 2022 MLB High School All-Star Game will feature some of the top prospects for the 2023 MLB Draft and will be played at Dodger Stadium and televised on MLB Network. The 2022 High School Home Run Derby will feature eight hitters from the All-American game, with the championship round taking place during breaks of the 2022 T-Mobile Home Run Derby.

LINK: https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-high-school-all-american-game-rosters

Diamond Kinetics is looking forward to enhancing the 2022 MLB All-Star Week experience through the use of DK technology. These activations bolster the in-person event by adding a digital layer to hitting and throwing experiences. Not only does DK expect to evolve, grow, and enhance event activities with MLB moving forward, but more importantly, DK will begin pulling MLB content from events into the mobile apps, allowing users to extend their MLB All-Star Week experience, taking it home with them. DK and MLB are collaborating to take the big leagues directly into the backyard using mobile technology. 



Trusted Youth Development Platform of Major League Baseball