Diamond Kinetics & Axon Sports Create Ultimate Training Platform

PITTSBURGH, SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (4 min read) – In a move that will reinvent the way in which baseball and softball players train, practice, and understand the game, Diamond Kinetics and Axon Sports today announced the integration of each company’s mobile applications into a seamless, all-encompassing ‘family of apps’ to create the ultimate training platform.

“The integration of the Diamond Kinetics and Axon Sports mobile applications creates a unique and comprehensive way for baseball and softball players to both train their swing and their brain,” said Diamond Kinetics CEO C.J. Handron. “We feel this is a distinctive solution that also showcases both the quality and foundation of each company’s continued technological development.”

New and current users of the Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker Baseball and SwingTracker Softball mobile applications will now have exclusive access to the Axon Sports – Baseball and Axon Sports – Fastpitch applications, within an interconnecting ‘family of apps’.

This dynamic and engaging system will give the user the ability to quickly and easily switch between apps in a seamless fashion that will allow both players and coaches to get more out of each and every practice session.

Test your cognitive ability to recognize different pitch types in the Axon app. Once the session is complete, immediately flip over to the SwingTracker app and step into the batting cage for a swing session.

Experience a combination of mental and physical training like never before. Train against real pitchers anywhere, anytime on your mobile device… allowing you to face hundreds of pitches in a matter of minutes with Axon. Evaluate your swing with 11 different metrics against 15 different age and skill levels with Diamond Kinetics and SwingTracker.

Grab your device and experience the ultimate swing, data and instructional platform upon which to develop your baseball and softball skills.

“At Axon Sports and Diamond Kinetics, we have a history of working with top professional and collegiate hitters and teams,” Axon Sports CEO Jason Sada said. “With this platform launch, I’m very excited we are able to provide this same elite-level training to all hitters, in the form of a revolutionary, integrated solution. Together with Diamond Kinetics we are able to provide the most complete training tool for baseball and softball players. This is changing the way hitters learn, train and improve.”

The information and data provided to each user by the Axon and SwingTracker mobile applications is available through a membership to Diamond Kinetics’ DiamondCLUB for only $4.99 per month.

DiamondCLUB Premium Features include access to such key SwingTracker features as the 3D Swing View/Data Sync, Connections/Groups/Leaderboards, Damage Potential View, unlimited swing history, plus all 11 swing metrics and live, in-app support.

The Axon Sports features will include unlimited reps and 15 progressive training levels based on cognitive protocols that have been deployed with professional and collegiate-level athletes.

These protocols focus on building accuracy, working with less information/responding sooner, and automating cognitive skills/reducing response time. These training protocols are available per pitcher in-app, allowing the user to build skill across different “types” of pitchers with varying handedness, height, release points, and types of pitches thrown.

The Axon Sports bullpen will include three base pitchers and a feature pitcher, set to rotate throughout the year. Users will also be able to join groups in-app and compete against their teammates.

About Diamond Kinetics

Founded in 2013, Diamond Kinetics provides real-time quantitative data, biomechanics feedback and training guidance for sports performance improvement using wireless inertial measurement units (IMU’s) and mobile applications.

Building on academically validated scientific research at the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh, Diamond Kinetics has an exclusive license for the application of IMU sensors in baseball and softball.

About Axon Sports

Axon Sports operates at the intersection of cognitive and sport sciences. Axon Sports designs state-of- the-art programs and applications for training cognition in a variety of sports. Training programs focus on identifying the key cognitive skills for expert performance within specific sports and positions, and then building simulated training that is grounded in science. Elite athletes across baseball, football, basketball, soccer, rugby, and many other sports are already training their brain using our products.


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