Diamond Kinetics & HitTrax Integration

PITTSBURGH – As stand alone training devices, SwingTracker and HitTrax are both at the cutting edge of swing training. Now, as one powerful, all-encompassing swing tool that delivers cause and effect data, both Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker and InMotion Systems’ HitTrax will assuredly uncover new possibilities in pursuing player improvement.

With the newly released SwingTracker & HitTrax Baseball integration, the pre-contact SwingTracker metrics (Barrel Speed, Hand Speed, Impact Momentum, Trigger To Impact and Attack Angle) can be seen in accordance with HitTrax’s post-contact data featuring exit velocity & launch angle.

This combination of Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker & InMotion Systems’ HitTrax is a very powerful tool that will help players maximize their swing and outcome potential.

See the video below to see SwingTracker and HitTrax in action together.

A great look at the #DiamondKinetics + @hittraxbaseball integration at work. Gather pre-contact info with #SwingTracker ?and post-contact info with #HitTrax ? …learn from it, and you will get the results @mackenzie_bowerman is getting here ?? #Repost @saucebaseball with @repostapp ・・・ Pretty sweet to see the first homer on the @hittraxbaseball since @diamondkinetics got integrated in. As you can see in her numbers she wasn’t sequencing right early on in the session but as soon as it got synced up the bat speed started to fly and bang new high score for @mackenzie_bowerman dropping a tank 225+ dead central using that #forwardbarrelspeed and of course the #legkicknation takeoff has us rating off the charts for momentum and applied power. Of course I had to throw those attack angles on there just to show what she’s about #elevateandcelebrate baby! Thanks to @diamondkineticsmidatlantic for letting us test it out. We love the product! #softball #baseball #softballfamily #baseballfamily #softballplayer #baseballplayer #softballcoach #baseballcoach #softballfamily #baseballfamily #exitvelocity #launchangle #data

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