Diamond Kinetics Releases PitchTracker Smart Softball

PITTSBURGH – Diamond Kinetics today announced the release of PitchTracker Smart Softball, a first-of-its-kind, revolutionary smart softball that delivers cutting­-edge technology and science­-based motion analytics to the fastpitch softball world in the form of a 7 oz., 12 inch softball.

Easy-to-understand metrics, data and pitching analysis gives players, coaches and parents powerful information, previously available only on immobile, expensive, big-box hardware systems.

As regulation-spec softball, PitchTracker Smart Softball mimics the exact look and feel of a normal fastpitch softball, giving it a familiarity and durability that players, coaches and parents will understand and appreciate.

Paired to the PitchTracker Softball app via Bluetooth, PitchTracker Smart Softball currently measures five pitching metrics – Velocity, Spin Rate, Spin Direction, Extension, and Delivery.

Moreover, PitchTracker Smart Softball allows for video capture and data sync through the PitchTracker Softball app, to give insight on how body movement affects key pitch metrics.

Pitch charting features and custom bullpens allow players, coaches and parents to see and track the consistency of hitting locations with different pitches through a simple, easy-to-use interface that eliminates the need for paper.

“The PitchTracker Smart Softball does a fantastic job of helping our pitchers learn, understand and buy-in to what we as coaches are trying to teach,” said University of Alabama head softball coach Patrick Murphy. “This technology is great at identifying what our pitchers do well, helps us figure out what pitches they can work on – or utilize more – and should be a very beneficial addition to our program in both the short-term and long-term going forward.”

Engineered for players of all ages and skill levels, PitchTracker Smart Softball enhances the learning and training experience for any player. Develop better mechanics, understand how to increase velocity, and improve your skills, while also having fun as you train.

As you become more advanced, dig deeper into the most in-depth and comprehensive pitching analysis for data-driven player development. Throw harder, build more power, and solidify mechanics.

Remove the guesswork and start enhancing your learning and training experience today with PitchTracker Smart Softball.


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