Diamond Kinetics Releases Revolutionary PitchTracker Smart Baseball

PITTSBURGH – Diamond Kinetics today announced the release of PitchTracker™, a first-of-its-kind, revolutionary smart baseball that will change the way players and coaches train, analyze and understand the pitching motion.

As a regulation spec, full-grain leather baseball PitchTracker mimics the exact look and feel of a normal baseball, giving it a familiarity that pitchers will understand and appreciate.

Paired to the PitchTracker app via Bluetooth, the smart ball currently measures six pitching metrics – velocity, spin rate, extension, time-to-the-plate, timing delivery and reach back to release.

Moreover, PitchTracker allows for video capture and data sync through the mobile app to see exactly how body movement affects key pitch metrics.

Pitch charting features and custom bullpens allow players and coaches to see and track the consistency of hitting locations with different pitches through a simple, easy-to-use interface that eliminates the need for paper.

“As a former big league pitcher and father of two middle school baseball players, I know the game is changing, players are changing, and technology is a key driver of both,” said former MLB All-Star and DK advisor Matt Clement. “PitchTracker creates a new avenue for how pitchers will train, and how coaches will teach, that’s powerful, fun and intuitive. I was personally involved in helping shape PitchTracker and believe it can help pitchers and coaches from the Youth level all the way to the Professional ranks be successful.”


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