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*** SPRING 2020 UPDATE: The DK Expert App has been discontinued. DK Expert Instructional Videos are being directly integrated into the SwingTracker App. Download and use SwingTracker for up-to-date video content and instructional programs from Diamond Kinetics and our partners ***

PITTSBURGH – Diamond Kinetics is proud to introduce the DK Expert app as the latest cutting-edge addition to its ever-growing DK ‘family of apps’.

DK Expert is a training content-driven app that works in conjunction with the existing SwingTracker app and sensor. The goal of the app is to provide guidance in the form of 50+ training videos from a group of the most knowledgeable hitting coaches in baseball, and to track a player’s progress towards DK goals as the player improves.

The goals are set as SwingTracker metrics. Improvement toward them is measured using session averages for those metrics. The training content is provided by hitting experts and strength-training experts: Bobby Tewksbary, Jim Rickon, Kevin Poppe, and Jeff Leach.

“The idea for DK Expert comes around answering the ‘what now?’ question,” Diamond Kinetics C.J. Handron told Baseball America. “We do a very, very good job of providing strong in-depth objective information and visual tools, providing objective benchmarks and the ‘so what?’ in scouting and recruiting, but we have to answer what to do with it.”

“It is not something you are supposed to do in a day,” Handron says about the roughly 100 drills in the DK Expert App, “but it is supposed to be done over time, to make changes, understand why and wire them into muscle memory.”

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DK Expert: Bobby Tewksbary


DK Expert: Cleveland Indians Hitting Coordinator Jim Rickon


DK Expert: Kevin Poppe of Dynamic Sports Training


DK Expert: Coach Jeff Leach



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