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  • Hitters Improve with SwingTracker
  • Pitchers develop velo and spin with PitchTracker
  • Two-way players get the best value when you buy the Baseball Bundle
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Players and Parents

Players & Parents » At Home

  • Players can keep their skills sharp and develop their game.
  • Establish benchmarks on key metrics coaches and scouts want see.
  • Hit from the tee or take BP to see barrel speed, attack angle, distance in the zone, trigger to impact, hand speed, and acceleration.
  • Throw and tag pitches to see velocity, spin rate, and spin direction by pitch type.
  • Track your performance over time – see if you are increasing key metrics.

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Coaches & Teams » Manage Remotely

  • Set up hitting and pitching groups to track players remotely through the SwingTracker or PitchTracker Mobile app
  • Set bullpens for pitchers and monitor pitch counts. Get creative and throw simulated games.
  • Review bullpens thrown by pitchers to keep an eye on velocity, spin rate, and spin direction on different pitch types.
  • Review hitting sessions that take place at home. Use video and 3D animation so you can continue to instruct from afar.
  • Use DK’s online Web-App to export player data and do your own analysis.
Coaches and Teams
Games, Leaderboards, and Programs

New Games Leaderboards Programs

  • We’ve added (5) new games that will have you hitting home runs, consistent line-drives, and distance totals. Go have a blast!
  • Leaderboards allow you to create challenges for teams and groups of players. Track performance and compare across a number of metrics. Get ‘em competing!
  • Programs include instructional videos for beginner, intermediate & advanced players. Work through these sequential programs. Start today!
  • Learn more about these exciting new features below:

Leaderboards & Programs 5 New Games