Show Players Where They Stand

Objectively, accurately, and precisely measure the most important aspects of the swing
  • Benchmark your players swings on 11 metrics within Speed, Power, Quickness & Control
  • Comparison databases from Youth through Professional
  • Each database includes the national Average and Top 20% for each metric

Flexible and Customizable for Your Approach

SwingTracker can help you develop your players using the metrics, visual tools, video, and performance tracking that work best for you
  • Overlay two swings using the 3D model or compare them side-by-side
  • Use the 3D model and video, customize the metrics you want to see
  • Set specific goals by player and SwingTracker will track their progress

Connections, Groups, and Leaderboards Make it Easy to Manage Teams

Connect your coach profile to all your players’ profiles, use Groups to organize your players
  • Connections makes switching players during practice fast and easy
  • Allows you to monitor player work and progress remotely
  • Build custom Leaderboards for any metric, across any time period, to encourage players to work independently between practices

* To access these features, each player profile
  will require a DiamondCLUB subscription.

Dennis Burton

I’ve been using SwingTracker for three months with my 9-year old son. He hit his first home run off a 10-year old in his game this past Saturday. As a father and coach, it was an amazing moment to witness and be a part of! SwingTracker has played a huge role in perfecting his swing. Thanks for making a great product!

Dennis Burton, Baseball Coach (and Dad)

Next Gen Sensor Technology

Small, lightweight and mounts quickly on virtually any bat. Tap the bat twice to turn it on and swing away! A full charge will keep swinging continuously for 7 hours.

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Lumber just got a whole lot “Smarter”

The Marucci Smart Bat uses SwingTracker to capture precise swing data in a sleek package with no external attachments. Your DK SwingTracker sensor fits securely within the knob of the bat, allowing for a clean, consistent swing with no added weight or bulk.

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