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Your Players Live in a Tech World

Reach your players how they live - using cutting edge technology
  • Visual tools including 3D model and video
  • Monitor their work and progress remotely
  • Use Leaderboards to encourage player to work independently between practices or lessons

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Partner with Diamond Kinetics to help you achieve your player and program goals
  • Customized academy and team organization programs
  • Dedicated support, 7 days/week, by Diamond Kinetics staff
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Dennis Burton

SwingTracker takes the guesswork out of bat speed, hand speed and approach angle. Now the trainers at C-Side Sports can show a player exactly what they are doing during a swing.

Chris Sidick, Baseball Trainer, C-Side Sports

Next Gen Sensor Technology

Small, lightweight and mounts quickly on virtually any bat. Tap the bat twice to turn it on and swing away! A full charge will keep swinging continuously for 7 hours.

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Lumber just got a whole lot “Smarter”

The Marucci Smart Bat uses SwingTracker to capture precise swing data in a sleek package with no external attachments. Your DK SwingTracker sensor fits securely within the knob of the bat, allowing for a clean, consistent swing with no added weight or bulk.

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