How Does BatFitter Quantify Results?


PITTSBURGH – BatFitter, the revolutionary new product from DeMarini, powered by Diamond Kinetics, is a one-of-a-kind system designed to compare and quantify which DeMarini bat is the ideal bat for each individual user by analyzing each user’s unique swing using Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker.

During the fitting process, each bat is scored out of 30 using Diamond Kinetics’ swing metrics to provide power, hitting, and contact scores to determine which bat is engineered best for the user.

Let’s take a look at how each metric is quantified specifically for BatFitter.

1) Power quantifies the performance level of the bat as it applies to your swing. We take the swing weight characteristics of the bat, and measure that with your ability to swing that weight.


2) Line Drive quantifies your ability to consistently make hard contact. We measure how quickly you get bat to ball, and how much momentum and force you put into your swing.


3) Contact quantifies your ability to control the bat. We look at your speed from swing start to contact point, and the ease with which you’re able to get there.


4) Overall Hitting is a complete scoring of the bat. Quantifies your power, line drive, and contact numbers giving you a sense of how the bat stacks up in all facets of performance.


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