How Families Use DK to Make Getting Better Fun

It might feel like winter, but training season is already underway for baseball and softball players of all ages. With Diamond Kinetics, players can make practice fun by playing games that allow them to visualize and improve key hitting and pitching metrics right in the DK app. We have partnered with bloggers Danielle and Kim as they show how they are using Diamond Kinetics to help their kids energize their game as they prepare for the season.

Danielle Lawire (@daniellelawrie15)

Danielle Lawire (@daniellelawrie15) has lived and breathed softball for her entire life. A two-time Olympian, collegiate All-American, College World Series Champion, and ESPN analyst, Danielle has passed down her passion for the game to her 12 year old daughter Maddie. Together they have made practicing fun with DK this offseason. “I love sharing the data DK provides with Maddie. We aren’t always super technical so I love how easy DK makes it see her swing metrics,” Danielle says. “I like how I can record video of her and it saves all of her swings in the app with the data attached to each swing. Not only do we use SwingTracker, but we use PitchTracker during her bullpens to get her pitching metrics, as well.” Danielle has enjoyed seeing her daughter’s smiles in the batting cage and in the circle as they have practiced this winter and is looking forward to seeing her numbers improve throughout the offseason. Danielle will be posting about Maddie’s progress on her Instagram page.


Kim Barnes (@wearlovewanders)

Kim Barnes blogs under the handle @wearlovewanders. Her 9 year old son Liam made a 9U travel baseball team this season and loves the sport so much that he has been working on his swing this offseason, even though his team has taken a break from practice this winter. Kim and Liam are using Diamond Kinetics to have fun and to combat the learning curve that comes with the transition from coach pitch to kid pitch. Kim said, “I think DK is going to be a total game changer for Liam. We’ve already used it in the backyard and Liam was able to see his barrel speed and the attack angle of his swing. Plus the DK app gives him tips and drills that help him improve. It’s so easy to make adjustments that improve his swing with DK and I can see Liam is having a fun while he’s getting better.  We can’t wait to use it more this winter!” The DK app provides drills, games, and more that allow players to have fun as they get better. Kim will be providing updates on Liam’s offseason on her Instagram page.


Madelyn Houser-Webb (@thehouserwebbfamfour)

Madelyn Houser-Webb’s 13-year old son Jalen is using Diamond Kinetics as he focuses on improving his hitting while also learning how to pitch. Madelyn has been posting about Jalen’s progress on her Instagram page @thehouserwebbfamfour. “Jalen had fun getting his swings in and seeing his real-time results with the DK SwingTracker bat sensor, even though we were indoors. DK is the perfect holiday gift for a sports-loving kid!” Madelyn will be posting about Jalen’s progress at the plate and on the mound on her Instagram page @thehouserwebbfamfour

Players of all ages and skill levels will benefit from adding DK, the Official Youth Development Platform of Major League Baseball, to their offseason routine. All players can turn practice into play with SwingTrackers’s in-app games, like Virtual Home Run Derby. Diamond Kinetics will be rolling out a new app early in the new year, with even more in-app games, a customizable virtual clubhouse, and interactive coaching that will make it even more fun and exciting to practice and play the games of baseball and softball. Stay tuned for more announcements as that new app launches this winter and get ready to be Part of the Show!


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