Launch Angle & Exit Velocity: Before And After

PITTSBURGH(1 min read) In Part 5 of “How Technology Unlocked My True Potential At The Plate” at the 2017 American Baseball Coaches Association Convention, Pro Swing Rx Master Hitting Instructor Dan Koosed continues his look at different case studies showing the before & after effects of teaching a swing that lends itself to a higher launch angle along with a larger exit velocity.

Part 5 features two players at two different ages and skill levels – one at the high school level and the other at the minor league level.

“I’m not talking about a guy that has exceptional talent, it’s just taking the handcuffs off and unlocking it. That’s what the information that we gather from HitTrax Baseball & Diamond Kinetics allow us to do. Allow players to realize what their full potential is, so they can do damage for you.”

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