Newly Updated DK Web App Now Allows For CSV Data Export, Much More

PITTSBURGH – The recently updated Diamond Kinetics Web App is here with powerful, new features and a clean, robust interface that allow for – and encourage – more in-depth, data-driven player development among coaches and players.

The new CSV Export Tool gives coaches (as group administrators) the ability to export their groups’ swing and pitch data, opening up many possibilities for users to analyze the data recorded by SwingTracker and PitchTracker sensors.

Among the benefits of the updated Web App:

1) Create Custom, Metric-Based Leaderboards

2) Analyze Team/Player Data & Trends

3) Customize Player Groups for Team Competitions and Data Evaluation

4) Export Team & Player Data With New CSV Export Tool


The DK Web App ‘Groups’ Page


One of the most powerful aspects of the export tool is that once an export has been created, users are free to do what they want with that data.

Various charts can be created within Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel in order to create visualizations that help coaches, parents, and players understand their data at a high level.

Those who wish to get into the data and create even more detailed breakdowns than the default report sheets we provide may do so.

Below are some of the immediate benefits one will get with the newly created CSV Export Tool.

Web App CSV Export Benefits/Uses:

1) Use exported data with spreadsheet software to create custom reports tailored to your needs.

2) Download raw group data in CSV format to import into other systems.

3) Create data visualizations using exported data with virtually any spreadsheet software.

4) Share exported group data so you can collaborate with other coaches and players.


To learn more about how to best utilize the CSV Export Tool in the Web App, click here

To visit the newly updated Diamond Kinetics Web App, click here