Off & Running (or should we say Swinging?)…

It is with great excitement this week that we are able to launch this website and better communicate what we are all about as a company and where we are going.  We believe we are at the unique intersection of engineering, mobile technology and the sports of baseball and softball…and are really excited about the possibilities that lie ahead!

Over the course of the next several months, we’ll be working hard to move our unique SwingTracker and BatFitter sensor and app technologies towards being ‘player ready’.  As we do this, we’ll be keeping those interested up to date in a variety of ways including right here on our blog.  Beyond just here on our site, come check us out in the social media world too:

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We’ll also regularly keep our email subscribers up to date on product development, sneak peeks, and opportunities to be a test partner of Diamond Kinetics so please leave your email address at the bottom of any of these pages to be part of the group.

We are passionate about baseball and softball (eat, breathe, sleep) as former players, coaches and always as fans.  We are also passionate about science and engineering.  We think you’ll see these passions come out in everything we do as a company and look forward to you being a part of it with us as we bring develop and launch tools specifically designed for baseball and softball players.


Trusted Youth Development Platform of Major League Baseball