Diamond Kinetics is the exclusive motion technology partner of Ripken Baseball. Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker is the exclusive batting motion and its’ PitchTracker and ‘Smart’ baseball are the exclusive pitching motion technologies of Ripken. Ripken Baseball promotes The Ripken Way; driving players to do and be their best, on and off the field. Diamond Kinetics helps provide players with unique learning opportunities at The Ripken Experience.


Ripken is at the forefront of technology use in baseball and softball. Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker is the only swing sensor approved for in-game use at The Ripken Experience. This enables players and coaches to gain powerful insight about their swing mechanics, and elevate their playing experience on the field.


Players participating at The Ripken Experience in Aberdeen, Myrtle Beach and Pigeon Forge can experience the latest in baseball/softball technology thru a competitive leaderboard during live events at the RipCage. Players will have the opportunity to use Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker, Axon Sports’ pitch recognition training app, and PitchTracker with the DK ‘Smart’ baseball. Swing away, and elevate your game at the RipCage.