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Get the Smart Ball

Buy PitchTracker Smart Softball for the most comprehensive smart baseball pitch analysis technology available today.

PitchTracker Smart Ball

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the App

Download the free PitchTracker Softball app from the App Store to experience instant, easy-to-understand pitching data on your mobile device.

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Subscribe & Unlock

Upgrade to the Premium Pitcher Softball Subscription to unlock in-depth metrics and more powerful analysis features.

Smarter Pitching Experience

PitchTracker Softball’s cutting­-edge technology brings science­-based motion analytics to fastpitch softball. Easy-to-understand metrics, data and pitching analysis give you powerful information right at your fingertips.

Durable, Regulation-Spec Softball

PitchTracker Smart Softball mimics the exact look and feel of a normal fastpitch softball, giving it a familiarity and durability that players and coaches will understand and appreciate.

PitchTracker Softball Features

PitchTracker Softball Product and App
  • Dashboard: View your latest session averages/maximums for primary pitches.
  • Metrics: Evaluate, analyze, and understand the baseball pitching motion through instant, easy to understand pitch data.
  • Video & Data Sync: Capture video of your motion and arm action to see how body motion affects key pitch metrics.
  • Pitch Charting: After only a few throws, the app intelligently identifies your pitch-type and logs it for you.
  • Bullpen: Set-up custom bullpens designed specifically for you or your players. Focus on improving metrics and command.
  • History & Trends: View your complete pitch history and trends — are you improving?

Premium Pitcher Softball Subscription

Once your 14-day free trial ends, subscribe to Premium Pitcher Softball and have unlimited access to PitchTracker Softball. Unlock such key metrics as Spin Rate, Spin Direction and Extension, plus key features as Trending Data, History, Custom Bullpens, plus much more.

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For Any Player

PitchTracker Smart Softball enhances the learning and training experience for players of all levels. Develop better mechanics. Understand how to increase velocity. Improve your skills, while also having fun as you train.

Advanced Metrics for Advanced Players

PitchTracker Smart Softball + mobile app provides the most in-depth, comprehensive pitching analysis for data-driven player development. Throw harder. Build more power. Solidify mechanics. Remove the guesswork and start enhancing your learning and training experience.


The PitchTracker Smart Softball does a fantastic job of helping our pitchers learn, understand and buy-in to what we as coaches are trying to teach. This technology is great at identifying what our pitchers do well, helps us figure out what pitches they can work on - or utilize more - and should be a very beneficial addition to our program in both the short-term and long-term going forward.

Patrick Murphy, Head Softball Coach, University of Alabama

Patrick Murphy, Head Softball Coach, University of Alabama