PitchTracker Smart Baseball: The Reviews Are In

PITTSBURGH – PitchTracker – the first-of-its-kind, revolutionary smart baseball from Diamond Kinetics – was developed to give coaches and players an affordable, must-have tool to gain a competitive edge and take their game the next level.

Moreover, PitchTracker needed to allow coaches and players a pitching tool they could take with them to the field or use in a facility that wasn’t a big, bulky, expensive hardware system, but instead a leather baseball just like one they would use in a game.

“There were some interesting challenges,” Diamond Kinetics Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Schuldt said, “Not the least of which was, how do you make a real, regulation whole-grain leather baseball that looks and feels just like any other leather baseball but is smart and contains electronics?”

The current ball is designed for bullpens, training and showcases with extensive testing done to ensure durability and accuracy. As part of Diamond Kinetics’ pre-release trials for the product, the ball was tested and thrown by a number of MLB and college pitchers, all who affirmed that the smart ball looked, felt and moved like a real ball.

Former MLB All-Star Matt Clement – who pitched nine years with the Padres, Marlins, Cubs and Red Sox, logging more than 1,400 innings – has raved about the ball’s ease of use, as well as its possible applications.

Among them: building preseason throwing programs, guiding rehab protocols, improving mechanics and getting exposure from college recruiters and pro scouts. That the ball and its companion Bluetooth app track throw counts and velocity can aid throwing and rehab programs by helping pitchers understand the quantity and effort of their throws (such as “take 20 throws at 80 percent effort”).

In a little over two months since its release, PitchTracker has already exceeded expectations. Take a look at the sampling of reviews from the market and see why PitchTracker is the present and future of baseball.




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