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Diamond Kinetics 1-year Membership


Includes 1-year Diamond Kinetics Membership & FREE Bat Sensor. Membership renews yearly at $150.

Membership FAQ

The Diamond Kinetics Swingtrack Bat Sensor System
Example screens from the Diamond Kinetics App.
Example Screens from the Diamond Kinetics app.
Example screens from the Diamond Kinetics app.
A boy swinging a baseball bat.
Three girls holding baseball bats and looking at their results on the Diamond Kinetics iphone app.

The future of hitting is here — have fun while you improve with Diamond Kinetics.

How It Works

Get Membership & Free Bat Sensor

  • Select your DK+ Membership
  • Get your Bat Sensor FREE


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Download the App

  • Download the Diamond Kinetics App while we mail your sensor
  • Set-up your account
  • Customize your avatar & check out activities


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Connect Your Sensor

  • Attach the sensor to your bat
  • Start sending swing data to the app


An illustration showing how to attach your Diamond Kinetics Bat Sensor.

Have Fun, Get Better

  • Take real swings in Virtual Games
  • Interactive Hitting Sessions
  • Rack up points and earn rewards!


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The Diamond Kinetics Hitting Experience

Play Virtual Games

Take real swings while you rack up points in virtual games like:

  • Home Run Derby: earn points based on distance hit and get bonus hits for each home run!
  • Barrel Speed Cimber: increase your speed with every swing or get a strike! How many swings can you take before you’re out?
  • Trigger to Impact: can you beat our benchmark Trigger to Impact times? You have 10 swings to try! Bonus points for beating your own records.

Complete Interactive Hitting Sessions

Work with some of the most popular coaches in the business – anywhere, anytime! These 5-10 minute sessions provide instruction from #TeamDK coaches, give the player a chance to swing following that instruction, and then provide real-time feedback based on swing data.

Metrics That Matter

Your bat sensor delivers data straight from your bat to the Diamond Kinetics app with every swing, tracking metrics like Barrel Speed, Impact Momentum, Acceleration, and more!

Personalize Your Play

Create your player card with nearly endless customization possibilities. Unlock exclusive new badges by completing Missions and compete for exclusive rewards, all while you earn points with every swing and level up from Rookie to GOAT status.

400+ Reviews

Can’t get my boys off the app!

Downloaded today and my boys have been on it for 2 hours. Watching Coach Ian and playing the Home Run Derby. Very engaging and great tips that have kept them highly engaged by earning badges. Keep the updates coming!

Apple User CD100387

Great content for home training

My kids love the new instructors! This is what we’ve been looking for with our at home instruction. They loved playing this weekend!

Apple User NicknameSystem

Love it!

My kid likes all the new games and content from MLB.

Apple User canzoni

fun app!

I really like this app, especially the games!

Apple User magsh2310

Improvements seen daily

We have been using SwingTracker and have seen amazing results. The device attaches easily to the bat and does not interfere with the swing. Results are given instantly and in a clear and consistent manner. I would highly recommend this device to anyone that wishes to have an additional training tool in their toolbox.

Amazon Purchaser coupon-n-mom

Great Baseball Gadget

Son loves it!

Amazon Purchase Kristy

The New Way To Play


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