Lumber just got a whole lot smarter

Diamond Kinetics has partnered with many of today’s leading wood bat manufacturers to allow our SwingTracker sensor to fit right into the knob of the bat.

No straps. Just a clean, consistent, ‘smarter’ hitting experience.


Smart Bat Technology

Industry-Leading Craftsmanship + Cutting-Edge Technology. 
Precise Swing Data with no attachment necessary.

From premier collegiate teams to top-level hitting instructors, Marucci Smart Bats are used daily in cages, training facilities, and now on-field during games!

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Old Hickory

Smart-Enabled Bats

The same high-grade consistency and great quality as 
traditional Old Hickory Bats, but with a slight twist.

Enjoy a ‘smarter’ hitting experience with Old Hickory Smart-Enabled Bats; 
a commitment to innovation and game-changing technology for baseball players all over the world.

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Axcelerator Smart Training Bat

Consistent. Versatile. Customizable. Get quicker, stronger and more accurate before game day with the Axcelerator!

“I have been in professional baseball for over 30 years and the Axcelerator Smart Training Bat is the best bat I have ever used to help increase barrel control, bat speed and distance.” Chili Davis, Major League Hitting Coach, 3x All-Star & World Series Champion

Contact Axis Bats using the link below, or call (508) 642-1435

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Additional Smart Bat Manufacturers

B45 Baseball Call or Email: (514) 293-8410 Contact B45 Baseball
Baum Bats Call or Email: 1-888-915-2286 Contact Baum Bats
BWP Bats Call or Email: (814) 849-0089 Contact BWP Bats
Dovetail Bats Call or Email: 2017-695-4663 Contact Dovetail Bats
Maxbat Call or Email: (320) 346-4440 Contact Maxbat
OTW Bats Call or Email: 1-844-689-2287 Contact OTW Bats
Powerbull Bats Call or Email: (915) 203-2225 Contact Powerbull Bats
Sam Bats Call or Email: 1-888-726-2287 Contact Sam Bats
Tater Bats Call or Email: (203) 510-4054 Contact Tater Bats
Victus Bats Call or Email: (267) 225-BATS Contact Victus Bats
Zinger Bats Call or Email: (844) 494-6437 Contact Zinger Bats
Haag Bat Company Call or Email: (303) 358-0695 Contact Haag Bat Company


Buy the SwingTracker bat sensor, secure your Premium Hitter Subscription, and pair your Diamond Kinetics tools with the smart bat of your choice. Start swinging and see the data flow to your mobile phone. Track your progress over time and work closely with your coaches to improve!

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