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In combining the industry leading craftsmanship of Marucci with the cutting-edge technology of Diamond Kinetics into a single, all-encompassing piece of ‘smart’ equipment, the Smart Bat represents the new standard by which baseball swing data will be collected, delivered and analyzed.

  • Analyze your swing with 11 different metrics in four core swing categories: Speed, Power, Quickness, and Control
  • No external attachments. Dual-locking mechanism holds the SwingTracker sensor safely and securely within the knob of the bat
  • No added weight or bulky restrictions, allowing for a clean, consistent, accurate swing every time
  • SwingTracker sensor is removable, chargeable, and includes a replica sensor for times the bat is not in “smart” mode

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Experience powerful, exciting features first-hand and dig deep into scientific analysis that only SwingTracker provides.

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Enjoy exclusive content from Marruci pros such as Buster Posey and Anthony Rizzo, plus access the SwingTracker app directly from the Marucci app to collect, analyze, and improve your swing using DK's state-of-the-art technology

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Custom-Cut MARUCCI Quality

  • Smart Bat will feature a traditional knob and barrel with a medium handle
  • Available in 31-34” with approximately a -2 drop weight for adults and 28-30” with approximately a -4 drop weight for youth.
  • Unique design and feel encourages more swings, more practice, and overall more baseball

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Total Training Package

  • Smart Bat package includes bat, SwingTracker sensor, charging station, and a free one-year subscription to the DiamondCLUB accessible in SwingTracker app
  • Unlock the power of information in a seamless user experience. Improve your skills and advance your level of performance
  • Utilize both the Marucci and SwingTracker apps for the ultimate, 'smart' data and instructional platform

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