Diamond Kinetics and SportsBoard Partner to Deliver Next-Generation Swing Metric Solution

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PITTSBURGHSportsBoard is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Diamond Kinetics and, together, will be the first to offer a fully-integrated tool for coaches to evaluate their players’ swings, and numerous other performance metrics, all in one solution.

The fully integrated tool will allow use of the Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker device and app wherever you are taking swings, at a combine, clinic, practice with the following benefits:

  • The SwingTracker sensor sends swing analytics to the SwingTracker app via Bluetooth
  • The Swingtracker app computes, presents and evaluates the swing metrics
  • After completing a swing session, the player’s SwingTracker swing data then syncs seamlessly with the corresponding player profile in the SportsBoard platform
  • Once this process is complete, SportsBoard can generate:
    • A single evaluation for every player with swing metrics (and other testing results such as running speeds, agility/shuttle speeds, pitching/throwing speeds, pop times, batted ball exit speed, and more)
    • A combine report for the event which lists all players who participated and their results in a simple Excel-like format
    • For SportsBoard customers, unlimited filtering/viewing options online for any combine operator, all within SportsBoard’s cloud

“Never before has it been so easy to gather, assemble, analyze and distribute swing metrics with other measureable skills results like batted ball exit speed, overhand throw speed, etc,” said Gregg Jacobs, Founder/CEO of SportsBoard. “Integrating SportsBoard and Diamond Kinetics offers a first-of-its kind solution that will optimize processes for team coaches and combine operators.”

Over the past two years, wearable and sensor technologies have evolved for a variety of industries, including sports. With respect to baseball, softball, golf and tennis, swing metric technologies have arisen as the “new normal” for how to accurately measure, analyze and optimize a swing.

Diamond Kinetics CEO C.J. Handron continues, “SportsBoard’s player management platform and the SwingTracker system bring great value to coaches and players. Integrating our in-depth and objective swing motion data within the SportsBoard platform will further streamline the analysis process for coaches throughout baseball and softball.”