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Pitch Metrics
Evaluate, analyze & understand the softball pitching motion through instant, easy-to-understand pitch data.
Release Velocity, Spin Rate, Spin Direction, Spin Efficiency, Horizontal Break, Vertical Break, Extension, Delivery.
Release Velocity, Spin Rate
Full Pitch History, Trending
View your complete pitch history & trends over time. Are you improving?
Yes Late Session Only
Pitch Charting
Automatic Pitch Type Detection will chart pitches as you throw and record them in your session!
Yes Yes
Video/Data Sync
Capture in-app video of each pitch in your session. Sync video with data for more in-depth analysis.
Yes No
Groups, Leaderboards
Create player groups for quick access to pitch history & easy profile switching during sessions. Use Leaderboards to create challenges & track data.
Yes Yes
Profile-to-Profile Connections
Connect accounts among coaches, teammates and friends. View each other’s swing data and compare numbers.
Yes No
Live In-App Support
Live, in-app customer support: 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.
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