Account Creation

When creating an account, you have the choice between a player account and a coach account. This page is dedicated to picking what account is right for you!

For more information on Account Creation, visit our User Guide.


What type of account should I create?

You should create a Player Account.  Player Accounts are a type of account that are used for players 14U and above and are recording data.

This account will need an email address and a password. That is what you will use to sign into the app with every time. If you are the individual recording data, we recommend this type of profile.

This account will require a subscription!

What type of account should I create?

If your child is 13 or below click here.

If your child is 14 and above click here

What type of account should I create?

You will want to create a Coach Account. Coach accounts are used to monitor a large group of players. This account type is not meant to be used to record data (swings or pitches)!

This type of account is different from a player or youth account. It is intended for administrative purposes and is best used as an Administrative Role in a Group

Since Coach accounts are for administrative purposes, and not recording data, this account will not need a subscription.

What if I am a coach of their baseball/softball team?

Unless you will be using the sensor with all of the players on your child’s team and creating accounts for each of them, you do not need to create a Coach account. Coach accounts are used to monitor large groups of players.

What if I am their coach and I want to be in charge of and monitor my team’s data and progress?

This is something we can do! Each player requires their own account and subscription to have full access to their data. We understand this can become expensive, especially if you are purchasing a year subscription for all of the kids. Fortunately, we have several team pricing deals and packages that you may be interested in. If you wouldn’t mind providing us with a little more information, we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our Business Development Managers! He’ll be able to go over the products and team deals more in depth with you, as well as help get you and your players set up! We just need a name, email and phone number for the best person to contact as well as which state your team is located!

Contact with that information and we will pass it along to our Business Development Managers!