SwingTracker 3D Drill Tutorials: Swing Plane & Hand Cast

PITTSBURGH – SwingTracker 3D Drills are the latest addition to the DiamondCLUB.

Swing Plane (above) and Hand Cast (below) drills are integrated with SwingTracker sensor data to help you improve your swing technique.

The Swing Plane Drill allows you to work on your angle and approach to the ball, while the Hand Cast Drills lets you practice your ability of getting the bat through the zone and staying inside the ball.

Take 10 swings within the three different skill levels (gold, silver and bronze) to see how good your control is. Watch out – three strikes and you’re out.


SwingTracker 3D Drills are also available for our newly-released Softball App (below), designed and engineered exclusively for softball players and coaches.

Softball players and coaches will now have nine skill level benchmarks, ranging from youth to professional, plus an entire database of softball swings to measure their skills, swing progression and swing data against, in addition to 3D Drills.