SwingTracker 3D Swing Comparison

PITTSBURGH – In terms of viewing your swing in ways other than standard video playback, SwingTracker provides this through its 3D Motion View.

With SwingTracker 3D Motion View, the swing plane and path to the ball are recreated in Actual Speed, Slow and Super Slow modes. The view also provides the ability to manually move forward/backward to any point in the swing and zoom and rotate the view of the swing from any perspective.

By combining video and data together, a player and/or coach can conduct a holistic analysis of the swing and key metrics that are invisible to the human eye on video alone.

We can see the 3D version and real-time version of the swing happening above. Below we have taken specific screen shot images of the swing to pinpoint the bat location, relative to what the Barrel Speed and Hand Speed is throughout the swing. Moreover, we can see how the swing works in terms of the blue shaded area, which marks ‘Distance In The Zone‘ and the red shaded area which is the contact zone.

Frame #1:

3D Image #1 JustinSwingAnalysis1


– Here we see the initial start of the swing. Notice how the elbow is tucked close to the batter’s side and the barrel of the bat is pointing straight down, indicating a pitch that is likely approach from the inside. Moreover, the Barrel Speed and Hand Speed are basically dead even at this point.

Frame #2:

3D Image #2JustinSwingAnalysis2


– As the batter starts to straighten the bat to an almost perfect 0 degree angle, his arms extend the bat toward the ball while the Barrel Speed has doubled and the Hand Speed remains the same.

Frame #3:

3D Image #3JustinSwing3


– Moments before impact, the batter’s Barrel Speed is still increasing while his Hand Speed has decreased almost half of what it was in the previous image. The Trigger To Impact for this swing was 182 msec, so the time lag from image to image is probably in the neighborhood of 50 msec, or twice as long as it takes for one beat of a hummingbird’s wings. Note too, how the bat has moved into the blue shaded area, signifying Distance In The Zone.

Frame #4:

3D Image #4JustinSwing Analysis4


– We have reached the point, a split second before contact. If you notice ver, very closely on the 3D redering, the white line in the Barrel Speed/Hand Speed chart is not completely lined up flush with the red dot at the top of the chart. This is because in the the 3D mode we can recreate specific points in the swing, even one that happens a split second before impact in order to see exactly what the batter is doing at each part of the swing. Moreover, the Max Barrel Speed on this particular swing was 61 mph, so the batter’s Speed Efficiency was 96% since he made contact before reaching Max Barrel Speed.




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