SwingTracker: Baseball Sensor Technology & Training

PITTSBURGH – Make your training sessions more effective & impactful with instant data & swing analysis via SwingTracker from Diamond Kinetics.

Take a look at the videos below to see how quickly and effectively this powerful technology works.

1) “You see how your body is cupped? You don’t want to be so leaned back with your upper body. That’s you rotating on your back hip. You want to rotate on your front hip, you want to be more vertical. You’re stopping your front side and rocking back like this, and that’s what you’re seeing at contact, that Cup-C. You want your head and your torso to be more of a straight line.”


2) “I noticed the further out your hands come away from your body, your power goes way down. So you want that distance to stay the same as you come through.”


3) “The more that hook stops, that’s your hands slowing down.”