SwingTracker Metrics: Hand Cast Distance with Coach Jeff Leach

SAN ANTONIO – 2014 and 2015 DBAT Sports National Instructor of the Year nominee, Coach Jeff Leach walks us through the SwingTracker metric ‘Hand Cast Distance’ and tells us know how it can affect the swing. Coach Leach also shows us how to eliminate excess hand cast from the swing with a little help from SwingTracker’s 3D Drills.

“Hey guys, this is Coach Jeff Leach with Diamond Kinetics, and today I wanted to talk to you about how I use SwingTracker to help fix the flawed Hand Cast (Distance). What Hand Cast (Distance) is, is the movement of my hands away from my body which causes my barrel to come outside of the baseball (and make my swing) long and slow. It makes it difficult for me to hit the fastball and adjust to the middle and middle-in pitch locations. With SwingTracker, we allow you to measure the distance your hands move away from your body, and we pair it with drills to help you improve the consistency of keeping your hands a little closer to your body. In an ideal swing, what we’ll see is that the player’s hands will stay closer to the shoulder, the hips will open and the barrel and hands will stay inside the baseball before the barrel gets on-path with the pitch, and keeps the barrel going through the path of the pitch a little longer – something that is very hard to do with hand cast.”